Established in 1992 as a local station for the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery, Magic Agrojet S.A. it also became a center for research and development of herbicide machines, chemical fertilizer spreaders and soil fertilizer equipment, registering in 2001 a staff of 130 employees.

Responding to the highest requirements, we are still the supplier of agricultural equipment and subassemblies of specialized companies in France and Italy.

In order to satisfy the quality requirements after joining the community space, our company has invested in refurbishment, purchasing equipment for metal processing with numerical control. This facilitated after 2007, the signing of contracts with partners from the country and abroad for the production of technological equipment for the wood industry, components for the energy industry and various subassemblies for industrial machines.

Adaptability and flexibility characterize us, always the basic activity was completed with unique or small series projects that stimulated our capabilities.